Pelican Versabrite 2250 Light Kit (Black)

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Pelican Versabrite 2250 Light Kit (Black) Description

Product Description The VersaBrite 2250 is made of tough polycarbonate resin that withstands chemicals, water, and corrosion. It’s a hands-free light small enough to take anywhere. Clip it on your coat, shirt pocket or hat and allow your hands to be free to work, hike, bike or read. The pivoting head head lets you to aim light where you need it. Just twist to turn on. The VersaBrite 2250 is packaged with 2 AA alkaline cells, head strap, hook and loop, magnet, and 2 night vision discs. Packaged with a head strap, hook and loop, magnet, and two night vision disks (red and blue/green) that can be inserted into the flashlight for cutting down glare, this hands-free light is ideal for fishing, hiking, biking, campsite reading, and other after-dark activities. The 3.87-inch light clips to head strap, hook and loop, and magnet, as well to coat, shirt pocket, or cap brim. The light’s head pivots so the beam can he aimed precisely. Its rugged ABS resin body resists chemicals, corrosion, and extreme temperatures. A high-impact polycarbonate lens and pre-focused xenon lamp module produce a tight white beam that penetrates smoke and fog and is approximately four times as powerful as an ordinary flashlight’s beam. The light is powered by two AA alkaline batteries (included) and weighs 3 ounces with batteries. Battery burn time is six hours. Specifications: Length: 3.87′ / 9.8 cm Weight with batteries: 3 oz / 85 g Weight without batteries: 1.26 oz / 35.7 g Light source: xenon Watts: 1.8 Voltage: 3 Tested lumen value: 7.0 Tested lux value: 1,200 Batteries: 2 AA alkaline (included) Battery burn time: 6 hrs About Pelican Products Dave Parker, president of Pelican Products, has been an avid scuba diver since age 11. During his early diving years, he repeatedly discovered that something he needed to make a dive complete was simply not available. It dawned on him that if he needed that piece of gear other divers did, too. In 1976, he began the company with his wife and co-founder Arline, an airline stewardess, while he continued his advertising and industrial-design business. From that inception as a small garage operation, Pelican has blossomed into an international marketing and manufacturing firm.

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