Leviton OSC10-M0W Ceiling Mount Occupancy Sensor, White

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Leviton OSC10-M0W Ceiling Mount Occupancy Sensor, White Description

Product description About the Leviton OSC10M0W MultiTech Ceiling Mounted Occupancy Sensor, 1000 Sq. Feet CoveraWhiteThe Leviton OSC10M0W is a compactsized occupancy sensor that appears to disappear right into your ceiling fixtures. The great thing about this sensor is that it is very easy to install due to an easy ceiling mount and a twistlock sensor attachment. There is maximum reliability as you can be rest assured that all the digital circuitry are low cost and use a minimum number of components. Whether you are in a computer room or in a classroom, the multitech ceiling mounted occupancy sensor will provide maximum detection at an affordable price.The Leviton OSC10M0W is the birth of two main technologies that give uncompromising performanceenhancing functionalities: infrared and ultrasonic technologies. The size is small enough to blend in with the other ceiling fixtures. It has ambient light recognition, so any natural light will prevent this sensor from turning on. Its intelligent microprocessor adapts to the environment and adjusts settings according to new recognized data.Leviton was founded at the turn of the 20th century. For the past century, Leviton has become North America’s leading manufacturer of electrical wiring devices through enhanced communication and electrical safety.Additional Information:Dimensional Drawing (PDF)Instruction Sheet (PDF)Product Spec Bulletin (PDF) Light Your Space Intelligently Leviton’s ceiling mount occupancy sensor offers users a smart way to save energy in larger spaces, up to 1,000 square feet in area. Using both passive infrared (PIR) and ultrasonic (U/S) detection technologies, the OSC10-M0W occupancy sensor is perfect for areas such as cafeterias, classrooms, warehouses, offices with cubicles and more. Leviton’s ceiling mount occupancy sensors require a Leviton OSP-series power pack, which is sold separately. Save Energy with Leviton’s Multi-Technology Sensors The OSC10-M0W utilizes a complementary mix of passive infrared and ultrasonic protection to provide the best detection of new motion in a room as well as small motions of occupants already in the room. Passive infrared technology is ideal for initially turning lights on upon the detection of new motion in a room. Ultrasonic technology offers greater sensitivity, utilizing continuous reflective high frequency waves, optimal for keeping lights on in an occupied room. Leviton’s sensor uses multiple technologies to combine the benefits of both PIR and U/S for unsurpassed performance and dependability. Advanced Features for Optimal Performance Leviton’s OSC10-M0W occupancy sensor utilizes advanced technology to provide the best performance and optimized energy savings, as well as substantial customizability. The occupancy sensor features ambient light recognition, an internal light sensor that prevents electric lights from turning on when the room is lit by natural light, for further energy savings. An internal timer can be set to automatic, 30 seconds, or 30 minutes. An internal microprocessor within the occupancy sensor constantly analyzes, adjusts, and evaluates the sensitivity and time delay of the sensor, ensuring the best performance for each room it is installed in. Both manual settings and learned adjustments are safe and will not be lost, even in the event of a power outage. To save additional power, the sensor has a walk-through setting that decreases the time delay to two-and-a-half minutes when someone momentarily walks through an area. Easy Installation, Wide Compliance, and Leviton Quality With only three low-voltage wire connections necessary and a twist-lock sensor attachment, the OSC10 occupancy sensor is easy to install. The sensor is cUL/US-certified and is compliant with both the California Title 24 Energy Code and the ASHRAE Standard 90.1 requirements. Backed by more than a century of Leviton quality, the OSC10 is supported by a five-year limited warranty. What’s in the Box? One Leviton OSC10-M0W ceiling mount occupancy sensor and manual. At a Glance: Automatic lighting control with 360-degree coverage for up to 1,000 square feet. Save energy by ensuring lights are turned on only when rooms are occupied. Ambient light override saves additional energy by keeping lights off when sufficient natural light is available. Works in conjunction with the Leviton OSP-series power packs. Five-year limited warranty. See all Product description

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