FallTech 8240 ElasTech 6-Foot Shock Absorbing Lanyard

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FallTech 8240 ElasTech 6-Foot Shock Absorbing Lanyard Description

Product Description FallTech connectors are tested to comply with current ANSI standards and built for a wide range of workplaces. FallTech has worked hard to make sure that when you need to be connected, you have the right equipment for the job. We know that the stakes are high. And, when it comes to worker safety, there are no second chances. That is why. Fall Protection is all we do. And we take it seriously. Advanced technical design and rigorous quality testing are the backbone of FallTech’s manufacturing process. We train and staff fall protection experts that understand problems, not just fall protection products, and can identify fall safety solutions that save lives. At FallTech, we engineer innovative fall safety solutions as though lives depend on it. Because they do. From the Manufacturer The ElasTech 6-Foot Shock Absorbing Lanyard Z07 features single-leg construction and utilizes 1-5/8-inch tubular polyester webbing for resistance to UV light and abrasion, with a tensile strength of 8,500 pounds. An internal band of high-modulus elastic allows the lanyard to expand and contract from 4-1/2-to-6-feet to avoid tripping hazards. It also features forged double-locking snap hooks at the attachment and anchorage ends. This lanyard is lightweight and reduces end-user fatigue. The internal continuous-length shock absorber limits arresting forces to 900 pounds or less. ElasTech shock absorbing lanyards have all of the advantages of our popular Internal Lanyards, plus the added benefit of elasticity. Since they easily expand and contract, you get all of the protection you need without any of the hassle. Internal Shock Absorbing Lanyards are constructed using a variety of tubular webs. Inside the tubular webbing is a continuous-length polyester web shock absorber. In the event of a fall, the compressed lanyard expands while dissipating the forces and arresting the fall. The tubular web also acts as a fail-safe, as it will not allow the lanyard to expand beyond the OSHA and ANSI limits for deceleration distance. Internal lanyards are an effective, lightweight alternative to traditional pack lanyards. All of our lanyards are designed to meet or exceed applicable OSHA and ANSI standards.

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