BlueToothAdapter – ATSBTAX

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BlueToothAdapter – ATSBTAX Description

Bluetooth Adapter. This allows you to connect your bluetooth enabled cellphone providing you with a phone jack that can be used for a regular phone line. Call out and receive calls through your cell phone. — Ditch your land line service with this Bluetooth Device, without losing the use of your corded or cordless phone systems at home or in your office. This makes it possible to send and receive cell phone calls using regular telephones. No more searching for your cell phones – just use regular phones at home or in the office. Use your cell phone’s service plan from the comfort and convenience of your home phones. Take advantage of carry-over minutes, free nights and weekends, mobile to mobile, unlimited calling plans and free long distance from our cell phone service provider. All calls are placed using your cell phone’s plan. No new number or contract is necessary. Works with existing wired and wireless phones. No new equipment is needed. Many homes and offices have dead spots. This allows you to keep your cell phone in a location with good reception. Calls can then be made from anywhere in the home on your existing home phone equipment. Simultaneously connect to three different cell phones – one for each family member. As many standard telephones as desired can be plugged into the back. Whenever any of the connected cell phones ring, all the standard telephones ring as well.

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