BlastMask 210 Training Regulator for MSA G1

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BlastMask 210 Training Regulator for MSA G1 Description

PREPARE TO GO THROUGH HELL AND BACK. PARTICULARLY THAT LAST PART. More than 50% of line-of-duty deaths and 30% of firefighter injuries can be attributed to stress, overexertion and a general lack of fitness. BlastMask enables you to conduct multiple training and fitness exercises (with and without SCBA packs) that can dramatically improve your tactical preparedness. As your familiarity with equipment increases, so does confidence and performance. BlastMask is an effective and ideal tool for firefighter recruitment, physical ability testing, and orientation.  SAVING LIVES IS WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT. SAVING MONEY IS AN ADDED BONUS.  BlaskMask makes a positive impact on your budget and resources. Fire service fitness initiatives have shown a decrease in lost workdays by 28%. What’s more, every dollar spent on uniformed personnel wellness returns over two dollars in occupational injury and illness costs. BlastMask also saves the manpower and time it takes to refill SCBA bottles, keeping resources ready for real emergencies. Not to mention it decreases wear and tear on expensive SCBA regulators. YOU ALREADY TRAIN HARD. NOW TRAIN YOUR LUNGS OFF. In the line of duty, an SCBA regulator and pack weight reduce VO2 max (maximal oxygen consumption) by 14.9% – primarily from the regulator. Additionally, peak power output and SPO2 (oxyhemoglobin saturation) are decreased by the regulator alone. TRAINING IN A FACEPIECE AND PACK ALONE DOES NOT REDUCE VO2 MAX, PEAK POWER OUTPUT AND SPO2.

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