Bauerfeind Unisex ViscoPed Insoles

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Bauerfeind Unisex ViscoPed Insoles Description

The softly cushioning ViscoPed foot orthoses help relieve sole pain, also known as plantar pressure pain, and correct misalignments of the forefoot or toes. The inlays distribute pressure peaks evenly across the entire surface of the foot. They therefore act as a shock absorber in closed shoes and protect the ankle, knee, hip and spine in equal measure. ViscoPed foot orthoses have long soles, meaning that they softly cushion the entire sole of the foot. The forefoot and heel areas also feature special pressure relief zones that deflect typical pressure peaks and distribute them evenly across the foot. ViscoPed foot orthoses are made from high-quality silicone that is gentle on your skin, easy to clean and, thanks to modern production techniques, particularly durable. Their raised heel edge enhances the non-slip effect of the silicone, meaning that the ViscoPed foot orthoses stay securely under the sole of the foot and relieve strain with every step. The ViscoPed version offers a pad that supports the transverse arch of the foot. Loads are also distributed over a larger surface area. It is available in sizes 37-46. Treatment of: Plantar pain, forefoot and toe deformities, pressure redistribution, arthralgia. Material: Silicone.

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