AdirPro Tribrach with Laser Plummet (Beige)

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AdirPro Tribrach with Laser Plummet (Beige) Description

Color:Beige Reasonably priced, Adir Corp has created the standard tribrach that is affordable. It has all the standard features including the lithium 3 V battery, the easy on/off switch, and is only 2 lbs.It’s really simple to level using the 3 pronged forced centering. It has a bright, clear laser that allows you to mark a spot with ease. It also has a circular vial with 8 minute sensitivity. And, the 3 volt lithium battery allows for an average of 10 hours of continuous use. And, in order to avoid turning on the laser accidentally, the on/off switch is placed close to the body of the tribrach. This allows the switch to be easy to turn on but avoid accidental battery drainage at the same time.

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